We are delighted to announce our next rotisserie takeover and this time we have lured a chef over the channel to cook just for us for one night only. 

Former restaurant owner and chef, Yvette van Boven divides her time between Amsterdam and Paris. She is a freelance food stylist, recipe writer, illustrator and columnist with four cookbooks under her belt. 

On the 27th April she is going to work her magic on our spits conjuring up a Dutch menu featuring delights such as Herring Roe, Wild Asparagus and Rye Breadcrumbs and whole Rotisserie Lamb Shoulder with Rocket and Elderflower. Pudding is "Hemelse Modder" translated as "Heavenly Muck" .... What? To find out what in hell's name that is then book a ticket! 

Email us on info@le-coq.co.uk or call on 0207 359 5055. Tickets are £30 and first come first serve so be quick!