Ana and Sanja Morris have twenty-five years of restaurant experience between them:

Sanja co-founded Salt Yard Group and Ana is a Leith's trained chef with a career which takes in La Trompette, Rochelle Canteen and heading up a catering company in New York.

One snowy December night in 2011 in a low-key neighbourhood restaurant in Brooklyn, they found themselves sipping cocktails and bandying about restaurant ideas. They looked each other in the eye and said what was on both their minds-



 Conversation free-flowed, ideas poured out, questions were asked (should siblings work together?), restaurant names were debated, ultimately passionate minds met.

Eighteen months later LeCoq was born.

Ana runs the show whilst Sanja oversees the business behind the scenes.

They are joined more than capably by Ben Coombes in the kitchen, whilst Melissa Houghton and Vincent Brossaud woo the locals as they dine.

Plans are now afoot for more restaurant adventures.....


P.S. Sisters can work together!